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Lernwerkstatt – Individual learning support

Our learning workshop successfully offers individually designed learning support for students in grades 1 to 12. The goals of the learning support are to catch up on missing basics, to consolidate knowledge, to prepare for tests and exams, to support in the revision of school documents, to achieve the class goal, to provide assistance with homework, to support the students in their learning processes and in the development of their self-learning skills, as well as to create a positive learning situation. We offer learning support in the city of Halle (Saale). Double lessons (90 minutes) are offered. The learning facilitator usually comes to your home or offers online tutoring by arrangement.

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How do we start?

In a personal conversation with the learning support assistant, the pupil and the parents, not only are appointments made for learning support, but also existing school problems, strengths and weaknesses of the pupil and possible reasons for not achieving the learning goals are discussed. This enables the learning guide to plan and implement the learning support individually and specifically, with access to the pupil’s school records.

What else is taught?

  • Order and time management, systematic approach
  • Promoting concentration and motivation
  • Training and improving oral performance
  • Reducing fears and frustration
  • Developing one’s own personality
  • Discovering and achieving one’s own goals
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own learning behaviour and the grades achieved

What are the advantages?

  • One-to-one support or small group support
  • Learning support at the student’s home
  • Face-to-face and/or online learning support
  • no minimum contract period
  • no registration fees
  • no travel costs
  • free counselling and support in applying for education and participation benefits

Are you entitled to financial support?

All pupils whose parents receive Bürgergeld, Sozialgeld, Sozialhilfe, Wohngeld, benefits according to § 2 AsylbLG or Kinderzuschlag are entitled to benefits for education and participation.

You will need the following forms for this:
Antrag: Leistungen für Bildung und Teilhabe (to be filled in by the parents)
Bestätigung der Schule über die Notwendigkeit von Lernförderung (to be filled in by the school)
Lernförderbedarf – Bestätigung des Anbieters (to be filled in by kreanativ e.V.)

We will be happy to support you with your application.

You can find more information on benefits for education and participation here.